Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A (small) Milestone

Today I was able to do my first squat with a 45 plate on each side.  It may not seem like much but to me it's a milestone.

A little more background info on what I'm doing right now.  I just began working out again and am using Starting Strength as my program.  I'm liking the ideas behind it so far.  There aren't any good bumper plates at my gym for me to power clean with, so I'm doing other stuff instead of that.  I do curls (want them bigger arms) and different back exercises instead.

Here are my current stats:
5'9" and 190lb
Benching 100lb
Squating 135lb
Deadlifting 155lb
OHP 80lb
Curling 30lb each arm


  1. Just keep on buffing up brother.

    Actually, get some excercise and drop that 190lbs you got. It seems you lift just a little bit more than me, but you also beat me by 45 lbs.

  2. Good luck, but don't forget to take as many breaks as you need so you don't injure yourself in the process.

  3. Hell yeah man....I'm getting back into shape too...

  4. plenty of liquids to man best of luck

  5. Good stats man, keep up a high protein diet don't forget!

    Cawlin's Twitter!

  6. i bench alot more, haha.
    but ive stopped cuz i hurt myself, so you can pass my 215 lbs, in month haha.